Koh Ker and Preah Vihear Tour

Great for families of all ages. We can accommodate young children, or make it fun for your teenagers! Just let us know who’s coming and we can make the best tour for you.


Koh Ker and Preah Vihear are like nothing else you’ll see in Cambodia. Take an adventure to the jungles around Koh Ker, and see the view atop of a 500m cliff next to Preah Vihear.

Koh Ker, Preah Vihear

Tour Duration: 1 Day

Tour Type: Private Tour

Pick-Up Time: 05:00

Tour Code: AD12

Tour Description

 This tour starts very early in the morning at 5am and we won’t get back to Siem Reap until around 6:30pm. We will start the tour with Koh Ker which is located around 120km from Siem Reap town. It’s surrounded by jungle and very few people live near here. This unique temple isn’t like anything else built during the Khmer empire. It’s a seven-tiered pyramid and looks a lot like the temples built by the Incas in South America.

 It is situated in the middle of the slopes between the Dangrek mountains and Tbeng Mountain and the water tables are very low in this area. In ancient times, large canals were constructed to carry water to the area. Nowadays, people pump water from nearly 40m down.

 After this temple, we will continue the tour to Preah Vihear which is located on the Thai border. Sitting on top of a 525m cliff, Preah Vihear offers some stunning views of the surrounding areas. Preah Vihear was a Hindu temple which started life in the 9th century. Many kings contributed to the construction of this temple and it was extended many times throughout the Khmer empire.

 There has been some dispute in the past about who owns Preah Vihear. It was declared to be owned by Cambodia by the International Court of Justice in 1968. In the past, there has been skirmishes at the border between the military of both Cambodia and Thailand, but these ceased many years ago, and the area is safe to visit.

 After Preah Vihear, we will start the long 150km drive back to Siem Reap and drop you off back at your hotel or any other location in Siem Reap town.

Tour Notes

Preah Vihear Ticket = $10 per person, Koh Ker Ticket = $10 per person.


Tour Guide, Transportation, Bottled Water.

Not Included

Entrance Fee, Food and Drinks except for Water, Accommodation.


Price Per Group

Group of 1 – 3 people = $259 USD

Group of 4 – 5 people = $269 USD

6+ people = Contact Us

Please note that all visitors must respect the strict dress code at the temples. Guests must cover their thighs and shoulders when entering the temple complex. If you are not wearing the correct clothing, you may be refused entrance to the temples.