Angkor Wat entrance fees. There is only one office to busy ticket to see temples in Angkor site such as Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Ta Prohm(Tomb Raider temple). It located on street 60, the main entrance to Angkor Wat and other temples( while the remote sites you will buy at their entrances, excepted Phnom Kulen hill national park tour guide or driver will help you to buy in city).

1.There are 3 types of ticket: One day pass is $37 USD,  3 Day pass is  $62 USD and 7 Day pass is $72 USD. The children under 12 years is free but passport copy required.This price included your $2 USD contribution to children hospital Kanteak Bopha Jayavaraman VII.

2.All tickets don’t need photo and passport. But they will take your picture there at ticket counter when you buy.

3.Make sure you line in right counter!!!. Example If you buy One Day ticket you must line in One Day ticket counter, If you buy 3 Day ticket you must line in 3 Day ticket counter because they don’t sell you other types of ticket.

4.You can pay in credit card or US dollar cash. If you pay in cash i advise to have exact amount especially for sunrise.

5.The Angkor temple pass office is opened to sell tickets from 5:00 am for sunrise. But you should leave hotel at 4:30- 4:40 am.

6.It’s possible to buy Angkor temple ticket from 4:40 pm for next full day and you can enter to see sunset at Angkor Wat from outside

7.When you received ticket make sure date stamp is right before leaving.

8.Ticket will be checked every temple entrances. Make sure it is not wet, folded, broken and lost.

9.Do not try give your ticket to your friend to show ticket controllers, if he/she left it in car or hotel, better to ask guide or driver to help to go back to get it, otherwise you will be in trouble.